new mug and mug shots

Finally beat the heat and got the kiln unloaded. Man, is it hot and humid out here. A few need to be re-glazed due to some rough spots or bubbles but generally things look great. Stepping sideways, the coffee I made this morning was more than a wake up, it was like the a trip on the space shuttle. WOW! I had to cut my second 16oz. mug with a bit of water and creamer. But then I had a third cup, so I defeated the whole purpose of cutting the second one.

I`m back to earth now and have some photos of the newest mugs. Fired to over 2200 degrees they take a day to cool down, so by the time unloading comes the anticipation is high. Here`s a couple of samples:

running horse mug
20oz. stoneware horse mug
porcelain kitty mug
16oz. porcelain kitty mug
16oz. ceramic mugs
16oz. stoneware Kokopelli mug

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