More from the latest kiln load

The rain appears to have stopped for a while (6 months) so it`s time to get some raku fired. While the raku has slowed over the summer the coffee mugs have picked up the slack. It seems that here in AZ. the economy has moved to much lower priced items. It`s going to be interesting when the fall art shows start again, maybe we`ll just go with mugs and hold back the raku horses and pottery for better economic times.

Anyway here are a couple from the last firing. I like the spotted dog, or judging by his profile dawg. The other one I liked is what I`m calling crazy cat. That one reminds me of an old cartoon character. I`m really starting to like the porcelain.These and more can be seen at or

16oz. porcelain mug
16oz. dog mug
16oz. porcelain mug
16oz. porcelain crazy cat

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