Back for another great week

Finally done with a weekend of house sitting. 2 dogs, a cat, a herd of horses and some turtles. No matter how well you know the animals it always takes it toll on the mind, body and business. The dogs are the most interesting, ones a hound the demands head rubs and stories, the other can count days. She makes up with me on the last day of my stay whether it`s 3 days or 3 weeks. It`s the craziest thing. The horses pretty much just wait for food and as for the turtles, well they`re just your basic rocks. Overall it`s nice to be back at my usual pace, whatever that is.

Another kiln load is ready to fire tonight with some new designs and lots of little heart ornaments. Looks like we may get a odd storm rolling thru, better go help move some pottery under cover.

16oz. porcelain cat mug
16oz. porcelain kitty cat mug

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