dodging rain drops

It seems that we can`t get through a day without a stray rain shower stopping over head. Although the rain is like gold out here, this year it`s been stretched out. Not anymore than usual and maybe less than years past.

We fired up the kiln this morning and with a blue sky and looking forward to a day of 103 degrees. After 2 raku firings it started to cloud up and now there`s storm and high wind warnings out for the area. I`m sitting here with a latte waiting for the kiln to cool down enough to through a tarp over it before the rain hits.
The latte was a pleasant surprise. I made it with Jose`s coffee from Costco. $11.00 for a 3lb. bag and it`s really good. It`s a brown bean and not at all oily. I`ve gotten to the point that I don`t care for the black oily beans any more. This coffee is really smooth and makes for a great latte.  If the rain misses I may try to get in another firing. If the weather stays like this, I may move on to wine since I`m out of Guinness.

Here`s some new mugs that were included in the last firing. the queen`s really pleased at how well these mugs are selling on Etsy and the website, I`m just amazed. and

20oz. stoneware black bird mug
20oz. black bird mug
16oz. blue bird mug
16oz. blue bird mug

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