bicycles are on the move

We`ve sold out  all but one of our bicycle mugs. There must be a lot of bicycle riders out there and they must also drink lots of coffee. The best sellers are the 20oz. (really big) mug with the “boy” or “girl” bike on both sides. The one we have left is the 16oz. stoneware shown here. Thanks to all you bicycle riders who also love having a handmade ceramic mug with a bike design. Next run is certainly going to include more of this style mug. Did I mention, I love packing and shipping mugs.

16oz. ceramic hand built bicycle mug
16oz. bicycle mug

2 thoughts on “bicycles are on the move

  1. Dude(ette), you are sadly uninformed about bicycle culture, there are millions of us and we live on coffee. You make something like a bicycle coffee mug and you will be overwhelmed by response even without advertising. Now make a coffee mug we can drink from while riding our bikes and you will be making that for the rest of your life until you are sick of looking at it…

    1. Maybe we should design a self heating 2 gallon thermal camelback. For now though, you`ll just have to get loaded up before you go or wait until you get back. Thanks for stopping by.

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