Hand built vs wheel thrown

Most of what you`ll see in handmade mugs and cups are wheel thrown. Those are the seamless kind that start as a lump of clay and get fashioned on a spinning wheel (think Blood, Sweat and Tears) got to go round… While they are pretty mugs, the surface designs are very limited. What we do is hand built, Ah Ha! Our mugs are slab built and constructed using several individual components. This process allows for tremendous variation in surface texture and design. For one thing glazing tends to be a lot more intricate and mostly done by brush and not dipped. Second thing is that due to the component construction they all must be more rigorously inspected before shipping. Thus, water torture! All of our mugs are tested before they`re passed through for sale and shipping. We have a less than 1% failure rate and those can be re-glazed and fired again. If they fail a second time they get demoted and become pencil holders. Below is a shot of our high tech water testing process. It`s top secret, so don`t tell!

testing for leaks
water torture segment of mug construction
coffee mug water inspection
last step before shipping

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