All Gone!

A few post ago I mentioned my intention to make a Nutella swirl bread that matched my cinnamon swirl. I totally out did myself, not only did I make a Nutella swirl but while looking in the refrigerator I found some raspberry jalapeno jam made by O`Hara jelly and jams. Bread with a zip? Sounded good so I went for it. Blended with a little splenda and melted butter, spread on the prepared dough rolled and baked. Good is an understatement. I thought the Nutella idea was a winner (and it was), but the raspberry jalapeno was divine. Combined with a tall mug of coffee, or even a latte first thing in the morning and MMM-MMM-MMM. Makes ya want to go to bed  a bit early, just so you`ll get up with plenty of time to enjoy a second slice. I`d show you all a photo but as I said in the title, ALL GONE!


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