Been a while and SLOW!

September is usually slow and this year is no exception. We did get another firing done the other day and the results we pretty good. Although it was based on some 20oz. mugs for a special order there were some interesting fill-in mugs.

One of which is the hound dog mug. We have lots of mugs with little cute mutts, from little big ear pooches to bull dogs we`ve always stayed on the small side. Now we have a Great Dane and a hound dog that`s straight from my childhood on the farm.

We always had a lop eared hound or two laying around waiting for a hunting trip to the south forty. My favorite was a bone lazy, blue tick that was called flap jack and actually named Butch. He wasn`t much of a hunting dog, but sure was good at holding the porch down. He got into it with a coon and sported a few nasty scars and a bit of ear damage. This new dog on our cups doesn`t represent `ol Butch or any other dog, but if you ever had a lazy, step over on your porch this may bring back some fond memories. You can tell it`s slow, I had time to write this entry!

hound dog
20oz. stoneware hound dog mug

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