What to do with scraps of clay?

Every mug takes a certain amount of clay to produce. The biggest waste comes from cutting out the round bottoms. So, we needed to find something small, useful and it needs to serve a purpose for desertNOVA or at the very least Studio 400 west. Whatever we decide to make with the cast off, it has to also use the same process and glazes as the mugs for cost effective bisque and final firing (they can be fired in the void spaces around the mugs). Len decided on refrigerator magnets. We can sell them for a buck each which is more than five times the cost to make them. The only thing left was to make some and see how they go. Some are going to have the same images that are put on the mugs. These can be included with mugs as a little thank you for purchasing a desertNOVA mug. In the first craft show of the season we sold 17 mugs and 4 magnets, and one was given away to a little kid. For a 1 day show with low traffic we were pleased.

refrigerator magnets from scrap

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