Another sale, another wet day

Hard to imagine, but it appears the desert is getting its` rain on the weekends. The monsoon`s over and it`s suppose to be fair weather until February. Mom nature has an opinion that is running contrary to the weather service records. This last weekend was no exception to the new rule. Saturday was overcast and warm, perfect art sale weather, but Sunday was almost a total wash out. As for mugs, 30+ sold on Saturday, another couple sold on Sunday amid almost constant rain. We`ll try again this weekend at the Tucson Museum of arts Holiday Artisan sale. The forecast looks like it will be clouding up again with a chance of rain on Sunday.

On a totally separate note we had our desertNOVA annual awards breakfast this morning. After many rounds of voting and a third round of espresso in our desertNOVA mugs, the desertNOVA award for Exceptional adequacy was given to one of our best employees. Here`s a photo of Snake Head sporting the 2011 Exceptional Adequacy award (yes, that`s Bullwinkle on the award, representing true adequacy). The Bullwinkle show runs on a continuous loop in the break room. Any wonder why the staff never gets anything done? I usually get the award, but I was out done this year. I probably worked a bit too hard, but that will be corrected and hope to be back on top next year. Happy break time to all and remember to enjoy your coffee, in a desertNOVA mug!

We always had the award program closer to thanksgiving, but we got the winners confused with the TURKEY!

Snake Head and his award
Snake Head sporting his Adequacy award

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