A great finish to the last year!

It`s been a while since the last post due to being very busy over the holiday season. December was a record month for sales and the stock room is still below our desired inventory level. The art fairs that we did last fall were ok, but the weather really slowed sales. The first art show of the season was a great success. Lots of mugs out the door and little ceramic heart-shaped plates pretty much sold out. Remember the scrap magnets from earlier posts? They sold like hot cakes at fireman’s breakfast. As far as Valentines day though, it was an over all disappointment. Hey people! Think of this, chocolates, flowers and gourmet coffee. What do you drink your coffee from on Valentines day morning? Yup! A desertNOVA coffee mug. Imagine the great presentation; a breakfast tray with a bouquet of flowers a lovely box of GOOD chocolates and a homemade tall latte in a new ceramic coffee mug. OK, throw in a card and you`ve done it.  By the way people, this will also work on birthdays. Maybe that train of thought will snack you next year.

I need to get back pushing that big stone up hill, but first here`s a couple of new looks for 2012. See ya!

20oz. music mug
20oz. music score mug
20oz. coffee mug
20oz. raven mug
20oz. mug with galloping horse
20oz. galloping horse mug

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