Summer`s here once again :)

Out here in Southern AZ. it`s not summer until the temps. hit 103 and the desert`s as dry as a bone. The monsoon is on the way, it should be here any day. The rain will pour, the lighting will flash and the sun will go away. We`ve switched over to A/C due to the rising humidity, but alas no rain yet.

When I was a kid back in the Midwest summer, we  looked forward with excitement that was only rivaled by Christmas, to the last day of school. We would go to the little lake and ponds on the farm with a cane pole and a cup of worms to catch our limit of Blue Gill, Sun fish and Catfish mostly the size of a modern smart phone. The one thing that still stands out in my mind was the abundance of dragonflies that zipped around the shore lines and mug holes as well as their iridescent colors in the sun. At that time summer went on forever but by 13 there was more work than play, but it`s still fun to sit and remember a long time gone summer day.

16oz. ceramic dragonfly mug
16oz. dragonfly ceramic coffee mug
16oz. ceramic mug with SW sun
16oz. SW Sun ceramic coffee mug

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