Down the road to the left!

This must be how the sign at the end of the road reads, the one that one of our rescue kitties put up! Another one showed up today, we`ve already named him Ace. He joins recent additions of Midnight and Uncle Olaf. He looks to be a very hungry black cat. The occupiers were checking the new guy out this morning while he, or she, was cleaning up at the feeding station. The last batch, of which there are 4 left, are all grown up have been trapped, altered and have repaid our kindness by eliminating all the vermin in about a 5 acre radius. The main advantage of the vermin elimination is the removal of rattle snake food. No rattle snakes seen or heard this year, NOT YET anyway! The problem with the rattle snakes is that they tend to not know where they are. They like to rest by steps, gates, back doors or around places you need to get into every once in a while. The Western Diamond Back isn`t very aggressive, you almost need to step on them or put your hand in their face by mistake before they react. They hate being sat on also. If you just watch what your doing they`re almost invisible. Unfortunately the Mohave is a different story, ill tempered if ever there was one. Problem is that you need to actually take the time to identify the snake before you know to really worry or not. Well a big thanks to the occupiers for making that decision less frequent. Back to the business of mugs, just wanted to give a shout out to the kitties!

lone male
lone male in the colony
Kitty colony
colony in the shop doorway

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