New Flamingo

Finally got it right! Past flamingos were more shocking pink than the familiar soft pink of your traditional flamingos. The very first one had the color and style just right, then the combination was forgotten and not matched again until now.

I remember as a kid in grade school, I had a friend that lived in town and I`d go over to his house after the last bell of the day mercifully rang. The house sat back deep on the lot and the lot was wide open with trees only along the side boundaries. My favorite memories took place in spring time. They had bright  flower beds back by the house and a huge bed out front, a very big bird bath with a gazing ball a top and several ceramic pink flamingos stuck in the ground among the flowers. I loved those flamingos. While living in Florida I had an opportunity to get back into the glades several times and of all the wild life, the flamingos stood out for color and uniqueness. Most of the time they were on one leg with their heads buried in the back feathers and wings. Don`t get me wrong, herons and cranes are very dramatic in flight, especially in flocks. When these tall birds walk in the swamp, I hear Stravinsky’s Fire Bird playing in my head.

We have many birds on mugs but if this mug can be consistently reproduced I bet it will make for a lot of happy customers.

16oz. ceramic coffee mug with flamingos
16oz. ceramic flamingo mug


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