This is a subject that baffled me for the longest time. When you connect with Google or any other internet search engine you`ll see that x,y or z is trending. Why should I care? I`ve also noticed that the x,y or z that`s trending will change at any given moment. Who exactly trends these things? Is there a poll, a tracking cookie or maybe some kind of little counter somewhere that adds up what everyone (who ever everyone might be) is searching at any given time. I have never searched Paris Hilton, but I`ve noticed she has been trending in the past. I`ve never searched for Putin but I noticed he was trending a while back, although after I got a cup of coffee and got back to the computer, he had been replaced by a some cute little cat dancing to “The Mexican Hat Dance” song or something just as silly.  So, judging by what I`ve been able to discern desertNOVA has a trending tropical heat wave going on. The last two mugs that sold yesterday were a 16oz. sun mug and a 16oz. flamingo mug! At desertNOVA is Florida really trending or would it be 16oz. ceramic mugs! Now, to whom do I report these findings?

ceramic flamingo mug
16oz. ceramic flamingo mug
ceramic sun mug
16oz. ceramic sun mug

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