I`m sitting here admiring the concept behind this new floating device that the queen picked up yesterday. It`s the springfloat by SwimWays. 

The float comes in a zippered mesh nylon bag that fits under your arm. Takes only a couple of minutes to blow up and may be impossible to fall out of. The damn thing folds up around you in the pool as you settle into the mesh bottom. I may need to give it further testing today since it`s right now 101 outside.

Just thought I`d give SwimWays a shout out while I sit smoke a well aged Creme De Jamaica cigar with a cup of coffee and what better to have that cup of coffee in than a desertNOVA mug. Here`s one of more popular designs in the 16oz. size. While we recommend plastic cups by the pool, nothin says you can`t have a tall cup of iced tea on the porch or just inside the sliding glass door where the environment is a bit more friendly. For that we have the 20oz.

20oz. coffee mug
20oz. raven mug
16oz. raven mug
16oz. raven mug


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