What you can do with your own stamps

Back many years ago when I lived in West central Texas, particularly the San Angelo area, one of the first pieces of advice I got from a buddy was to watch out for the wanderin speed bumps. Of course he was warning me of the Armadillos` tendency to wander onto the roads. Since everyone drives way too fast and the Armadillo population hasn`t learned to judge speed and distance, their encounters with the automobile are usually really bad for the Armadillo and a bit rough on the auto. After researching the cute little critter, I also discovered that they (the Armadillo) can transmit Leprosy, what a treat. So if by chance you do run one over, and you will know about it, don`t stop to check it out or god forbid start thinkin BBQ. Let it rest right there in peace. With any luck a county truck will happen by and scrape the armored little devil up off the pavement. I also learned that Texas and other southern stated have the 9 banded version. Apparently they roll up a lot better than the 7 banded, found in S. America. Remember the little roly poly bug that lived in the garden and you harassed mercilessly as a kid? You got the idea only think bigger, much bigger. Here`s our tribute to the loveable Armadillo. the 20oz Armadillo mug with  a southwest attitude.

20oz tall mug
20oz Armadillo mug

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