Things we don`t see much anymore.

I was sitting out back the other evening, out here it`s only time you can just sit out back, and noticed an eery silence. Use to be that every evening I was treated to a symphony of howls hoots and general screeches from the local coyote clan as they met up in the wash. Kinda like a noisy little social club. Well, that racket would go on for 5 minutes and after everyone was re-assured and welcomed they`d head out for a night of hunting. In the morning they`d meet up down the road, sing the same song, do the same dance and the whole pack would walk down the middle of the road heading home to avoid the heat of the day. There was always the odd straggler that would wander though the yard, hoping for an ambush, but generally it was pack activity. The little dog would join in the chorus as if he originally wrote the song and the kitties were a hoot. When the opera started they would freeze in place, pin point the direction of the music then head up the nearest Mesquite. We got a big 6 ft. tall chain link fence around the immediate back yard, but they never figured out the safety provided by fences. This leads me to another little critter that`s in short supply, no not cats we have loads of them, it`s the Jack Rabbits. 10 yrs. ago or so I`d see those big eared, long legged bunnies by the road or meanderin through the front yard. Saw one take off like he had a rocket hooked to his caboose one day. That was the first time I ever saw one run, at least at full speed. Last time I saw one run that fast he was on a rail with a pack of Greyhounds commin up fast. Not sure if it`s a shift in population or they`re just moving to better hunting grounds. I`m hoping for the latter. I got to tell you all about the Road Runners some time. OK, enough hot air. I do have a new mug to show you and it`s the mug maidens 20oz. Jack Rabbit mug. This is taken from a petroglyph image. This is what my ancestors thought a Jack Rabbit looked like. Maybe cause they never got a good look, just an image in a blur and a cloud of dust.

20oz. ceramic mug
20oz. Jack Rabbit mug

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