New bicycle

This is a simple post today, that harkens back to a much simpler time. I was thinking of something almost all of us have in common. Learning to ride a bicycle as a child. It`s something you learn quick and never forget. My first bike was a red number fully equipped with training wheels, streamers and a bell that you`d ring with your thumb. Could have done without the bell, nobody lived around us. I got on at the instruction of pop, put my hands on the handle bar grips, feet on the peddles and anxiously looked at the world in a whole new way. “I had a bike and was finally free”. I saw the big kids take off in the morning and not come back all day. I had no idea at the time the price of learning was to be paid in hide. Pop pushed me down the road, training wheels clanking, and I was off or so I thought. First flight covered less distance than the Wright Bros. at Kitty Hawk. My god the pavement is hard. Well, I got a lovely road rash several times and finally later that afternoon pop took the training wheels off. Funny how easy it is when you have to stay up. The problem with training wheels was that it was very hard to fall over. When you did fall the landing was much worse cause in the back of your mind, all was safe. I went through a couple of bikes going to school, the corner store and on great adventures of discovery. Gave up the old bike when I got my DL and discovered riding was even easier with an engine between the wheels and the falls were way more painful. Without those years of training on the bicycle I would never have graduated to true freedom and the joy of discovering our country on my various motorcycles. Thanks Pop for just letting me fall while I was small. The mug shown here today is our tribute to the humble bicycle. Next were going to make a tricycle in honor of the queens first escape and adventure at the tender age of 3. Fortunately the neighbors found her 3 miles down the road headed for town and brought her back.  this is our 16oz. ceramic bicycle mug with “Enjoy the Ride” on the front.

16oz mug with bicycle
16oz ceramic bicycle mug
16oz ceramic mug with bicycle
16oz ceramic bicycle mug
16oz ceramic mug with bicycle
16oz ceramic bicycle mug

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