Never too hot for butterflies

Hi again from the oven. Today at the time of this posting it`s 104 according to my phone. Amazing time we live in. My phone is a weather station, world clock, music player, camera, voice recorder, camcorder, news service and it will also make a phone call if needed. OK, back on topic, at least until I skip a groove again. Wow, just dated myself!

Over the last few years I`ve noticed that the annual Monarch butterfly migration has been getting thinner and thinner. I don`t know why, maybe they don`t like Mexico anymore or they`re getting their little maps turned around. I always enjoyed looking outside in the fall and seeing the back lot full of Monarchs floating around looking for a place to rest over night. Most of the year we get a variety of the little flipper flappers dancing around the bushes, scrub brush and up in the Mesquite trees. Well, it`s summer and not a butterfly anywhere in sight. Can`t have that now, can we. Here at the hogan we have our own metamorphosis going on. The mug on the left is an old standard given a new color scheme. The mug on the right is our newest butterfly mug and darn if they don`t have their own garden. These will need to do till fall and maybe a grand Monarch migration once again. John

20oz mug with butterfly
20oz ceramic butterfly mug
16oz ceramic butterfly mug
16oz ceramic butterfly mug

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