I was looking through some of our mugs and stamps earlier today. They made me wonder where some of the more obscure images originated. After bouncing around, and I do mean bouncing, on them internets I found this simple page that has all the pieces of the puzzle All we need to do is put the puzzle together and enjoy the wonderful mosaic that the puzzle leads us through. The mysteries of ancient life can never be fully understood, but the stories handed down need to be heard with great care.

In southern Illinois, around Alton, along the river road there is a Pictograph on the rocks. The image is of the Piasa bird. Scared me half to death the first time I saw it. It`s an image of an animal with the head of a lion, the body of a serpent, a long lizard like tail, 4 legs with huge claws and scaly wings. I was only a kid but the image kicked my around for days. Then I was told the story of a hero that came, suffered and saved the day. I now embrace the image and the story that`s still popular today. The first link has a great picture of the “dragon”

The second link has the story of  the great Illini chief Ouatoga and his sacrifice and bravery.

We use a lot of petroglyph images on our mugs. None are as heroic and chief Ouatoga, but if you look at them long enough, a trip back in time is in the offing.
The mug shown here is one of my favorites, the “dancing horse”. It`s a stylized version of some European cave drawings. The bottom portion has symbols of rain, wind, water and of course the Sun.

dancing horse on 20oz. mug
20oz. dancing horse ceramic mug.

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