Hot and humid?

Wow, I can`t imagine how all you folks survive the combination of hot temps. and high humidity. Out here in AZ. we get use to high temperatures. 100+ degrees for 30+ days is pretty normal in the summer. What we don`t get is high humidity. 100+ with 5% humidity is hot, but if you wear a hat and drink lots of water is actually comfortable, sort of. I did a couple of raku firings yesterday (see picture below). Nice cool morning, only in the 80`s but the humidity was all of 40% and it just wouldn`t rain a lick.  May I say as delicately as possible, seatin like a pig. Today it`s only going to be in the 90`s but the humidity is already over 40% with a forecast of rain this afternoon, we`ll see. I was just out to the mail box so a question came to mind. How the hell do you folks in the east and mid west survive the summer. The only thing the humidity helps is the colors of the raku.

In honor of all you that don`t live here, I`ve decided to issue a sizzlin hot coupon code. Purchase 2 mugs and get 15% off (basically free shipping on the second mug) at check out. Just enter the code word “blackbird” and good luck with August.

raku horse
Horse going into fire
fetish horse copper
raku fetish horse

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