What can you do with a coffee mug?

First off, I used a phrase in the last post, “sweatin like a pig,” and I have no idea the origin. My uncle Bob had pigs and cows, goats, chickens, an ornery bull etc. etc. etc. I don`t recall ever seein a pig sweat. I helped load them onto the truck for market. If anything would trigger a sweat response you`d think that would do it. They stink, stank, stunk but not sweat. Uncle Bob had to get rid of his pig farm dreams at the request of aunt Lou. It was, the pigs go or the pigs and Bob go. Either way the pigs had to go. A lot of keepin pigs is the predominant wind direction. The whole set up out there was just wrong, especially at dinner time.

Speakin of the wind, I was going to make another raku post today, showing off a couple of freshly fired masks, pre-decoration. Masks in waiting, more or less. But last night the wind began to twitch, the house to pitch and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch. Not quite that bad, we`re not in Kansas. But as I look around I often think we might be in OZ. To make a very long story short, the wind kicked up and a raku fire isn`t recommended at this time. Maybe tomorrow.

This finally brings me to the answer to the question what can you do with a coffee mug? The obvious answer is drink from it. Coffee isn`t required, it can be any liquid of your choice. The next answer is to the question, what can you do with a chipped coffee mug. Around here a mug that`s fallen victim to a chip, small crack or a dislodged handle becomes a little planter or pencil holder. If you do chip your all time favorite mug (not shattered) it can still bring a smile to you, dance on your window sill and enhance anything you wish to plant in it. Some dirt, a little plant with just the right color and your mug can live on. Don`t over water (drainage issue) and I don`t recommend your prize African Violet.

This brings me to a mug give away. The rules are simple, resident of the continental US or at least a continental US mailing address. You need to be at least 18 years old or have your mamas permission. The catch? Yup, there is one. Be the first to answer this simple question. The song “What can you do with a General” is from what movie and who sang it. Send your answer in an email to desertnovamugs@aol.com. I`ll let you know if your getting the little 12oz. butterfly mug pictured below.

20oz mug with plants
chipped mug with plant
12oz ceramic mug with butterfly
12oz. butterfly ceramic mug

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