So you don`t want a set?

The other day I had a request for just the sugar bowl from a sugar bowl and carafe creamer set. I have no idea why I didn`t think of it before. The problem with breaking up a set, besides being hard to do, is that the 3 pieces ie; carafe, bowl and lid are glazed and fired at the same time in the same kiln. Trying to match a remaining piece after a set is broken, is near impossible. If you see an individual piece that you particularly like and would like to have a set, then a set will need to be made with that glaze and fired together for a match.

To solve this one piece problem I have started making individual sugar jars and carafe creamers. All of my stoneware is high fired and dishwasher, food, microwave safe. I use only lead free glazes (unlike some other countries). My work can be seen at Here are a couple of fresh out of the kiln singles.

Sugar jar or bowls also come with a custom spoon. It`s inside there. You`ll need to purchase one to see it. 😉
Ptchr C2B
Carafe creamer. Approx. 5 inches tall and hold 16 oz. of liquid comfortably.
Sugar jar with matching lid approx. 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.


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