New Designs and some old

Finally I have a couple of new designs and looks on the mugs. Finding time for research and development is hard to find while preparing for the Christmas rush. Fortunately, a mug isn`t lost if a glaze doesn`t quite turn out as planned. Unfortunately the loss is in time and profit when the need arises to re-glaze and re-fire a series of mugs. While firing is right up front on my mind. It is very hard to explain to people that making a custom mug needs to be put in with another 50 mugs in order to be bisque fired and then high fired. They can not be fired alone in an empty kiln. Economics comes right up and gives you an ah ha moment. I have also refined my large jar with an Eagle head stopper. My husband wants a larger version, for him to keep as an urn when he needs it. The Eagle jar is high fired and can be fired with a kiln of mugs.

20oz Zuni bear mug
A new look for an old favorite. Zuni bear.
jar with Eagle head stopper
Finished Eagle jar design.
20oz mug with floral pattern
New floral design

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