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desertNOVA is more than a name or a landing page, it`s a philosophy that embodies form and function.

After 30+ years of making pottery of all shapes, sizes and purposes I`ve turned to the basics of form and function. The coffee mug, or as we here at desertNOVA call it “the mug” has one basic function, to deliver liquid to the drinker. Sure, some people use the mug as a pencil holder, nuts & bolts keeper and many other purposes than it`s intended one. Go get a box for your nuts & bolts or a plastic cup for your pencils, but leave the cup for the drinkers. Although we still make raku that`s sold nation wide through gift shops and resorts, the process of hand building with all it`s inherent irregularities has become the focus of our pottery. We believe the morning cup of coffee, tea, milk or a home brewed latte should be an enjoyable experience for all the senses including visual. All of our mugs are handmade in the USA by desertNOVA.


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