The herd and more pottery

Cute clock I posted before, wasn`t it? But now it`s time to get back to what Studio 400 west is famous for. We`ve been fortunate to have a couple large raku orders come in since the TMA sale. Pots, crosses and a whole herd of horses. We shipped a horse and a tortoise out last week that was purchased through our website  or will get you to all of our mugs and raku art. It`s been perfect firing weather and other than the blower motor for the raku kiln going out, it all went smoothly.

Here are some quick photos of the pots, crosses and the herd of raku fired fetish horses all decorated with beads and feathers.

Decorated raku fired horses
Raku fired fetish horses ready to ship
raku fired pots with animal images
small and medium raku fired pots and copper sand finish crosses 

New item

A couple of weeks ago we had the Tucson Museum of Art sale. It was a good one for us. We had lots of sales and plenty of interest. Len put together little bags of components for “make your own jewelry”. Those and the cat dishes that have sold for a couple of sales now and are on The newest incarnation of kitty dishes is the kitty clock (see below) they are a kitty turned inside out and can actually preform a function other than catching mice or holding your keys, change or spoons.

kitty cat plate clock
Kitty plate sits on counter or table and has a ware for hanging

Back to mugs?

It has been a while since mugs have been on the front burner. We have had quite a few raku pottery orders to fill but now they are all done and shipped. I have a few new designs coming as soon as the mug back orders are caught up. Here is some of the raku that we have shipped in the past couple months.

shaman sculptures
raku fired shaman sculptures
copper sand raku horse
raku fired fetish horse
spirit bear raku fired coppersand
raku fired spirit bear

Shamrocks are wild

`Tis the month of the Irish! St. Patties day is right around the corner and it has even landed here at desertNOVA. Here is a 16oz stoneware mug with, of all things, a big bold shamrock. I suppose next year we may make another one or if this one is still here, parade it out again.  It was fun to make as are all my one of brain storms. See it at and all our mugs at

The end of this month March 27, 28 and 29th is the spring Tucson Museum of Art, Artisan Market. If you find yourself in the Tucson area stop by 140 North Main Avenue and visit over 100 vendors with food and live music on Saturday and Sunday. Both market and museum are open and free to the public all three days.

stoneware 16oz. mug with shamrock
16oz. stoneware shamrock mug

New Years Eve

I hope every one has a happy and safe new years eve. I hope to have some new designs and maybe some new artwork for 2015. It will take another month to get use to another new year. February I will probably be going back and re-dating everything from January. I think these guys have the right idea. Just nap through it and reemerge in spring, when it is warm once again.

raku fired spirit bear
Raku fired Spirit Bear. May the spirit bring you strength and the wisdom of nature in the new year. Blackbird

Something else new for this winter

Something else that is new and did not I did not post earlier. These are Spirit Maidens. They are designed on the order of a fetish doll. The components are mostly native to the area and are designed to help bring the feminine spirit to life and make your house a home. Like most fetishes you dream or mediate on them and believe hard. They will help free your spirit of old baggage and bring you toward good energy and a happy home. These can be found at The maiden on the right is more of a medicine fetish and has her own wheel.  Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

spirit maiden hand built art
Spirit maiden wall fetish $70.00 follow link and see all of them.
Spirit maiden of the suthwest
Spirit maiden wall fetish $94.00 follow link for details.